Invisible reCAPTCHA 2.0 Field with Sitecore9 Form Module

Do you know – There are more than 5 million websites which are using Google reCAPTCHA technologies! 
“ReCaptcha is easily readable for humans and is difficult for bots”
As you are already familiar about the google reCAPTCHA, which you see on the website lead forms to protect the bot, you have to prove that you are not Bot, you are human, and to achieve this you have to tick the checkbox, and do some activities which proofs that you are not a bot – some time catch the cat, some calculation or identify the car or traffic light.

But from a customer experience point of view, it’s irritating sometimes, you have to spend lots of time to validate yourself, and from marketer point of view, there is a massive drop out of the forms because of the reCaptcha validation on the form.
Invisible reCaptcha It's exactly the same - it just doesn't have a checkbox. You won't see the field at all. Like with a traditional reCaptcha, an additional challenge will sometimes appear if it thinks you'…

Why should you choose the right CMS for any E-commerce?

Strong CMS is the key success for any E-commerce Project!

So before starting this topic, let me introduce some interesting fact about the e-commerce industry:
There were ~1.66 Billion Global Digital Buyers in 2017 out of ~7.6 billion people in the World, ~22% populations Buys OnlineIn 2018, E-Commerce Sales Accounted for ~11.9% of All Retail Sales WorldwideThere Are More Than 254 Million Active PayPal Accounts in the World33% of UK online sales occur after 6 pm, and marketers are more active after 6 PM35% of all the online customers abandon online store if the website loads too slowly or is heavy.Smartphone penetration is ~70% in the world and some country has more than 90%Growth of e-commerce market from ~$1336B in 2014 to ~$2982B in 2018 and expected $6542B in 2023

*Source -
The need for speed: Time-To-Market Acceleration Is the Ultimate Retail Differentiator and for competitive advantage

Nowadays, Speed is the Key for business sustainability including your new product l…

Setup Sitecore Multi-Domain Solution on Azure WAF level

Are you planning to set up the multi-site solution in Sitecore, which needs to configure on Azure WAF level?
The Multi-site solution in Sitecore is a straight forward process and needs some entry in the web.config to resolve the multiple websites, for more information about Sitecore multi-site setup, you can follow this blog:
If you are not using AZURE WAF, then it's straight forward process, you need to add the multiple domain mapping on your Azure CD – App Services
Steps: Go to the App service – CDAdd the custom domain tab on the left sideAdd the custom domain mappingAdd the CNAME to the Azure CD URL

Once you did the above configuration, then we need to add the entry in the Sitecore config file with the site name, and then automatically the multi-site domain will be resolved.
But the real challenge comes, when we are configuring the WAF with Azure PaaS, because now all the re…

Sitecore Commerce Certification/Training Roadmap

Today I am going to share my Experience with Sitecore Experience Commerce Training and Certification
I have been working with Sitecore from last 10+ years starting with version 5.3, but never got the chance to work on Sitecore experience commerce, however, I have been working other E-Commerce systems - Hybris, U-commerce etc, but not with Sitecore XP, Recently we got some project of Sitecore Commerce , so I thought it’s a good chance to learn the Sitecore Commerce first so I would have a deep understanding of the product architecture design and core concepts, so I can assist the right approach and architecture to the development team.
So I started exploring the way to learn the Sitecore Commerce, in this ERA, you can find lots of materials online through youtube videos, blogs, online webinar etc, thanks to Sitecore Community who always contributes the problems, learnings, experience online where you can get the start reference and extend your learning.
Once, I went through the multiple o…

Sitecore Commerce 9.1 Initial Release Installation Error - Cannot bind argument to parameter 'SXAModuleFullPath' because it is null

Are you following the below post and getting the error called: 'SXAModuleFullPath' because it is null

No worries –
Go to the PowerShell scriptsGo to the variables called 
SXACommerceModuleFullPath,SXAStorefrontModuleFullPath,SXAStorefrontThemeModuleFullPath, SXAStorefrontCatalogModuleFullPath
And change the value to provide the full path with file name(your file directory) instead of * as below:
SXACommerceModuleFullPath = Resolve-Path -Path "C:\Ashish\Sitecore\Software\sc910_com_install\Sitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator"
SXAStorefrontModuleFullPath = Resolve-Path -Path "C:\Ashish\Sitecore\Software\sc910_com_install\Sitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator Storefront"
SXAStorefrontThemeModuleFullPath = Resolve-Path -Path "C:\Ashish\Sitecore\Software\sc910_com_install\Sitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator Storefr…

A step by step guide to setup JSS with Sitecore 9.1

Do you want to install Sitecore JavaScript Services 11.0.0 with Sitecore 9.1
Then this blog will explain how to setup JSS in SItecore 9.1, step by step:
Download and Install Node JS

First download node.js, based on your system specificationInstall node using website root folderInstall NPMOpen command promptGo to the website root folderRun the below commandnpm install -g @sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-cli

Install Sitecore JSS package:Go to Sitecore developer:

Install the package as normal sitecore package:
Login to your Sitecore instance, and open the Desktop. On the Sitecore menu (lower left), click Development Tools, then Installation Wizard.Install the JSS Server Components zip package using the Installation Wizard
All done!

Note: In Sitecore 9.1, you don’t have to add any configuration in web.config, all settings are already included in the package

Next Step …

Third Time in a Row, Sitecore Technology MVP 2019

Wow, Exciting news, today 31st January 2019, yes, one of the best email I received today from Sitecore, “You have been awarded the Sitecore MVP 2019 title”
"Consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative"
― Oscar Wilde

Sitecore MVP Title, is not just an award, “it’s a recognition of your hard work” the efforts which you made towards your Sitecore community.   
Once Again, Thanks to all people who supported me in this journey, especially my wife and family who always supporting me towards my passion and work, especially on planned weakeneds :)
Congratulation to all my fellow 2019 Sitecore MVPs for their wonderful contribution , It’s a wonderful community cum family.
For more information about Sitecore MVP announcement
Check the full list of Sitecore MVP 2019 -

I am very Thankful for this recognition.
Thank you, Sitecore.