What is WEM, CXM, CEM, CMS, WCM?

Some of other term & phrase/acronym of CMS (sitecore)


For the average user, technology can be confusing at best, especially as it’s one of those industries that loves jargon. CMS is no different and often, users can find themselves becoming overwhelmed with the various acronyms around and what they mean. 
Web content management (WCM) is a well-known and used phrase/acronym and these days, it tends to be replaced with a few other terms, including: 

·         CMS – content management system
·         CXM – customer experience management
·         CEM – customer experience management
·         WEM – web experience management
·         WCMS – web content management system
·         WCXM – web customer experience management

As you can see, they all really mean the same thing, more or less, and this is why confusion reigns amongst those who aren’t in the CMS business.


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