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How to Make Sitecore Architecture More Powerful !

How to make Sitecore architecture more powerful!
Architecture begins where engineering ends. - Walter Gropius
Architecture is as important in software development as it is in building construction. No one breaks ground on a building without any plans and good architect.
With the non-functional requirements captured, the next step is to start thinking about how you're going to solve the problems set out by the stakeholders and define the architecture.
The architect should be very careful about IA architecture and initial back grounding of the project. He/she should know all the alternative and pros/cons of the technology and of course cost. Architecture definition is about introducing structure, guidelines, principles and leadership to the technical aspects of a software project. So here I am adding some point that can help the Sitecore architect to build a robust system.
There are total 24 points that every Sitecore Architect Should Know:
1.Identify the scope of the project: scope of th…

Think before GO-Live - Check Sitecore Security First

All development has been done and planning to GO-Live? Stop thinks about security. Security is the major concern for any web application and it should be well implemented to avoid any vulnerability, security itself is a very big topic and difficult to implement from all aspect but yes we can secure our site as much as possible.
Is your Sitecore application secure? Ask this question again and again, what all are the check-list have followed for better security of the system?

Even if your Sitecore solution does not require authentication for users of the managed websites, you should consider Sitecore security when designing your information architecture.
 Here I am listing some checklist that should be implemented  before GO-LIVE.
1.Protect your user password policy: enforce user to enter the strong password. Please refer the blog for complete details:
2.Ensure you changed the default admin password:Chang…