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Design native mobile Apps in C# with Sitecore and Xamarin

Now build your mobile app in c# with Sitecore on Xamarin platform. It's really very easy to develop and deploy the native mobile app for  c# developer on xamarin platform.
Recently Sitecore has announced the partnership with xamarin, Sitecore mobile SDK for xamarain is available for mobile app development in c#. For more information on this visit
In this article I am focusing on how we can start with xamarin development, including architecture, installation, development, calling Sitecore Web APIrest service and bug fixing.

Xamarian framework allows to develop native app using c# with Sitecore. sitecore expose Sitecore web item api to communicate with the xamarain using mobile SDK. The SDK core conforms to the PCL (Portable Class Library) standard and has some platform specific plug-ins that are used to secure an end user's credentials. All client-server communication is performed via the S…