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Content personalization in sitecore8 based on country with Maxmind GeoIP free Service

Content personalization in sitecore8 based on country with Maxmind GeoIP free Service

One of my client requirement was to personalize the sitecore content based on the country(Geo-Ip). And they were using free geo-ip country database provided by maxmind. Site core Personalization (country rules) is tightly coupled with analytic database so we need to customize the  sitecore condition to call geolite country database file to resolve the country ip address. So below is the step by step process to implement this solution: Configure the layout with rule and condition Step1. Go to the sitecore > Item > presentation>Details>Edit>Controls>Personalization>

Step2. Add new condition and edit rule

Step3. In rule editor, select geo-ip condition and provide value of compareto and specific country attribute as below

Step4. Select the presentation content> select the datasource

Step5. You can add n number of condition with default condition

Not working...ohh missed one step, now one …

Country Condition (Geo IP) item path location changed in sitecore 8

Country Condition (Geo IP) item path changed in sitecore 8 for personalization
Recently I have implemented the personalization(country based layout rendering) on site core 8.1 and wanted to overrides the existing country condition of sitecore with my custom logic. So I noticed that the path of the country condition has been changed as below

/sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Definitions/Obsolete/Marketing Workflows/Conditions/Geo IP/Country Condition Previously in sitecore 7 versions the country folder path as below:
/sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Conditional Renderings/Conditions/Geo IP/Country Condition

Happy Sitecore :)

Copy all content from one language to another in sitecore

Copy all content of the sitecore tree from one language to another

If you want to migrate all the content of the siteore from existing language to new language then below solution is fit for you.
Problem statement: my client wanted to migrate the complete site from /fr-fr to /fr  so I had to migrate all language version of “fr-fr” into new language version called “fr”. We migrated more than 1 million items from FR-FR to fr with below solution:
Solution: There are three major tasks to migrate this language
Export the languageChange the language in fileImport the language

Export language
Step1: Create new language in the system called FR only.
Step2.  Go to control panel > globalization>

Step3. Click on export language to a file

Step4. Select the language that needs to be migrated ex. Fr-fr

Step5. Select the content tree that needs to be migrated. In my case I selected the content folder as I need to migrate the complete tree, but we can select any folder or item.

Step6. Enter the file name…