Friday, May 20, 2016

Change sitecore content editor search tab icon and text

Change sitecore content editor search tab icon and text.

In the Content Editor, there is a Search tab next to the content tab of every item in sitecore.

If you want to change the icon or text for this button then follow the below steps:

1.    Go to Core database
2.    Navigate to /sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Editors/Items/
3.    Or direct go to Item by search {4C76D96D-3343-404A-834B-0DC4DABB5EE3}
4.    Select New Search Item

Just change the header and icon field as desired like below:

See the result below:

Search icon and text has been updated.

NOTE: But, In sitecore8 , it not working as previous version, as if you want to change the text-header then its not rendered properly,I already logged the ticket with sitecore and they replied me as this is working as a button, it is not supposed to change.

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