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Sitecore WaterMark Image Generator Module

Adding Watermark or Copyright Info in Sitecore Image? , Yes this module will help you to generate the watermark text on the image.
Prevention is better than cure!
Image is the big asset of any website but on the webpage/website anyone one can download and use your valuable images, do you want to protect your image? The question is how? There are a couple of techniques we can adopt to safeguard our copyrighted content and prevent people from doing so.
One of them is watermarking our images with our logo or watermarking the website name on the images. Yes, this module will help you to generate your company logo or any text on the image so the image would generate as the watermarked image on the fly. 
If you are selling the images on your website or image is the key component on your website then this module is the best fit for you.
In this module, I proposed a watermarking the image using some predefined configuration in sitecore. I have extended the existing JPEG and Image template to suppo…

My Sitecore Habitat Architecture Experience !!

Flexibility, Simplicity, Extensibility - Habitat Sitecore Framework

Recently I got an opportunity to go through the sitecore habitat website architecture for one of my new excited sitecore project.
I already heard a lot about sitecore habitat, and after reviewing it, I can say this is one of the best modular architecture/Design/framework/principles/code guidelines by the sitecore.
“Modular Architecture is exactly what you think it is — a way to manage the complexity of a problem by breaking them down to smaller manageable modules. The difference is, as a software architecture style, it has some guidelines, principles and patterns”
Sitecore habitat is the best design/implementation example for modular architecture pattern; here developer can learn how to create the best sitecore architecture for enterprise level projects.
Habitat picked the best market tools in the architecture like:
ASP.NET MVCCss Extension Language SassPackage management: NuGet, Node (npm) and BowerSitecore tools: Sitecor…

Check your Sitecore Pipeline/Processor Performance

Is your website running slow? You hooked lots of pipeline/processer in your website may be this is one of the reason of slowness.
How you check the sequence of your pipeline/processor and processing time?
We inject lot of processor/pipeline over the period of time, as per the custom requirement of the project resulted increase the custom configuration files which include custom processor/pipeline patches like after/before or some override the existing pipeline, so the question is how to see consolidate view of your pipeline/processer?
So the all problem is solved by the Sitecore hidden GEM called Pipelines.aspx Page profiler which is available under Website\App_Config\Include\pipeline.aspx
You can hit this page http://sitecore8/sitecore/admin/pipelines.aspx (change your instance name) By default this is disable like this:

To enable this renaming the /App_Config/Include/Sitecore.PipelineProfiling.config.disabled file to Sitecore.PipelineProfiling.config

<configuration xmlns:patch="ht…

Sitecore CopyField Tokenizer Module

Copyfield tokenizer module will help you to copy the field’s value with the help of token. You need to set the token as fieldname with prefix of $ in the fieldvalue like default sitecore field token. It’s a best practice to set in the standard value of the template.

We have given one customized button in the ribbon called “Copy Field Value” with the help of this button; you can replace the field name token with field value.
Scenario; that we have the multiple fields in the template with same values like TitleBreadcrumb titlePage titleSometimes other fields that required the default value as “Title”
So In this scenario content editor need to copy the content from one field to another manually, and if the field type are RTE or IMAGE then it became time taken process.
So just thought about the automation this process so content editor life became easy for this task.
I created this module which is capable to copy the field values based on token, all we need to do to set the template standard f…

How to Read all the fields from sitecore item programmatically

You are worried because you have added all the fields in the template and it’s coming in the item correctly but it’s not coming in the field collection with the below code implementation:
foreach(Field field inItem.Fields) {    //field value }

Also when you call the item field explicit using below code, its coming correctly, then why it’s not coming in the field collection. Yes you are right everything is right except your field value is blank or still set as the standard value only.
string fieldvalue  = Sitecore.Context.Item["fieldName"];
Yes if the sitecore item field value is blank or set as standard value then it’s not fully instantiated in the field collection by default. So what is the solution??

No worries just one line code will resolve your problem; yes put this below line of code before calling the field collection code as below:
Item item = Sitecore.Context.Item; item.Fields.ReadAll(); foreach(Field field inItem.Fields) {    //field value }
Yuppy..Now all field is coming in the …