Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Journey of First Ever Sitecore User Group Event in Dubai - SUGUAE

I hope you must aware about "SUGUAE", it’s a sitecore user group in UAE region especially in Dubai.

We established this technical Group to share knowledge and inspire Sitecore developers, architects, administrators, designers, business, marketers and managers to avail best offering from Sitecore. We are a passionate team of MVP, developers, architects & strategic thinkers, digital marketer who are passionate about helping Sitecore community. The mission of the Sitecore Users Group UAE (SUGUAE) is to foster a community of Sitecore enthusiasts in the UAE region by innovatively and effectively conducting frequent meetup in UAE.

The first event was held on 6th August 2016, how I can forget this date :) , it was very hectic to us, lots of planning , efforts and excitement as this was our first event in dubai and finally we successfully executed the first event as per the plan, the room was full with sitecore enthusiasts, 2 sessions by sitecore experts( Mike Reynold and Jason Wilkerson), and the presence of Mr. Sabin the CEO of horizontal integration(our platinum partner ) was very supportive, Thanks Sabin for being our Platinum Sponsor.

The first achievement for us to get the suguae logo and the design of the website after lot of research and discussion:

The special thanks to Nilesh and Pradeep (the co-founder of SUGUAE).

Finally SUGUAE got Polo t-shirts, after fighting for size, color and printing (Nilesh how can we forget the printing issue )

Thanks to our Speakers Mike Reynold and Jason Wilkerson:

Thanks to our platinum Partner Horizontal integration and CEO Sabin Ephrem 

SUGUAE Core Team (Missing Pradeep)

SUGUAE: Ready for event (Nilesh and Ashish)

All Set for Great evening, are you Guys ready?

Also, we had the sitecore goodie, Thanks Sitecore for sending such a nice goodie:

And Finally, SUGUAE in Action :

If you missed the SUGUAE First session, then you can find the recording on youtube as below:

I hope you enjoyed the first session of SUGUAE, we are coming for second event very soon, we will keep posted on social media  regarding the latest update of SUGUAE, you can follow me on twitter 

You can follow the SUGUAE as below:


See you in next session of SUGUAE

Happy sitecoring and SUGUAE

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New admin pages in Sitecore 8.2

What’s new in Sitecore 8.2? The same question came in my mind and just explored the things that has been introduced in this specific version. There is total 3 new admin page has been added in Sitecore 8.2 version.

  1. Support Package Generator.aspx
  2. Logs.aspx
  3. ShowServicesConfig.aspx

Let me explore one by one:

Support Package Generator: Now this is a built-in feature in Sitecore 8.2, we can provide the basic information to the Sitecore support team about the Sitecore environment quickly by this tool. 

We can download and upload the package to the Sitecore FTP server as well, no need to login. Below are some snap shot for the same:


Now this is the other ways to explore the sitecore logs files, here you can choose the type of log file you want to view or download, in short this is the convenient way to explore the logs.

Below are some snapshot for the same:

Can view and download the specific file:

ShowServicesConfig.aspx(Dependency Injection Configuration)

Dependency Injection has been integrated in sitecore 8.2 version. Formerly it was customary to leave Dependency Injection application. Microsoft is now in .Net Core a new Dependency Injection Framework which offers a small base of functionality. For more information you can refer kam figy post: 

It gives the complete list of all registered dependency and their scope:

For detailed information use details=1 query.

I hope this article will help you!!

Happy Sitecore :)

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