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How Sitecore MVP Community Is Growing from Last 8 Years

The Sitecore MVP community is growing really very fast, and through this Graph you can easily identify the exact number of Sitecore MVP awarded in each year for example in year 2008 it was 13 MVPs in the community and in the year 2016 we have 221 MVPs in the community.
This graph clearly shows the incremental progress of the Sitecore MVP community from the Year 2008 to 2016.
2017 MVP nomination is going on, and getting more information regarding MVP Program is really good for us like who is the first Sitecore MVP? Who is the life- time Sitecore MVP? How many MVPs are there in 2008, 2009 etc?
The same question came to mind, and I thought to collect all the related information and post the consolidate blog for the same.

So I collected all the information from the sitecore site and different web sources/sites, links etc. and tried to figure out the exact numbers and list of the Sitecore MVPs.
Number of Sitecore MVPs Year Wise
YEAR Number of MVP 2008 13 2009 12 2010 20 2011-12 52 2013 42 2014 12…