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Schedule publishing with #Sitecore Workflow

“Workflows provide a flexible and controllable way of content creation, maintenance, and review. Sitecore's workflow facilities make it possible to quickly define sophisticated workflows, often without writing any code at all.” Workflow is well known feature in the Sitecore, you can extend/customize it accordingly to the business need, states of the workflow can be configurable and extend as per the requirement.
Every workflow has the last state called final state, where Item is ready for publish, Sitecore also have the default publish state called Approved, with Auto Publish Action, which means once the item is in Approved State, it can be Auto Publish.
If you’re not familiar with the Sitecore workflow, you can refer the below posts:

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Connect with #Sitecore community through various channels

Now, Sitecore community is growing drastically, and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful community, yes this is our #Sitecore community.
There are various way to join this community through different channels, blogs, slack, stack exchange, Local Sitecore user group, market place, Sitecore documentation etc.. etc..
Here I have consolidated the different Sitecore networks website’s list which can help you to explore various channels, getting information, Sitecore documentation, Sitecore Market Place modules, MVP details, Sitecore user group information etc.

Sitecore Community: Get help from members of Sitecore community, including Sitecore employees, Certified Sitecore Developers, and MVPs.
Sitecore documentation: Access official Sitecore documentation for Sitecore Experience Platform and other Sitecore products.
Sitecore Market Place: Discover and contribute to Sitecore community-driven modules, You can fin…