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Where Sitecore content editor collapse/Expand value saved? Sitecore registry

Question: Where Sitecore content editor collapse/Expand value saved? Answer :  Sitecore registry
Have you ever noticed the Sitecore content editor's Expand/Collapse section behaviour? Sometime it’s collapsed, sometimes it’s expanded, or your section is always rendered as expanded even you already set as true “collapsed by default” Field from section template , any idea why? How Sitecore determine that value, from cookies? From user preference or from Sitecore registry cache? Yes it set into the Sitecore registry cache.
Sitecore uses Registry.GetBool() for the /Current_User/Content Editor/Sections/Collapsed key to determine whether to collaspsed or expand the content editor section, Yes Sitecore use registry class in the Sitecore.Web.UI.HtmlControls namespace.
Sitecore store and read section collapsed/Expand Boolean value in the registry class as below publicstaticclassRegistry     { publicstaticbool GetBool(string key) publicstaticbool GetBool(string key, bool defaultvalue) publicstaticint…

Select Multiple Languages In Publishing Wizard For Old #Sitecore Versions

Now this is the default sitecore feature to select all language in the publishing wizard in the newer version of sitecore.

But still if you are working on the old version of sitecore < 7.2, and want to implement the functionality where you can select all the languages on one click means Select All checkbox in the publishing Wizard? So I am here to help you for the same implementation by this blog.