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Dependency- External DLLs Management in #Sitecore with NuGet

Dependency, Dependency, Dependency!!

There is the number of Library/framework/External DLLs reference uses in the most large .Net/Sitecore Projects. 
These dependencies have their own dependencies and those dependencies further depend on some other library and so on. So it’s may be more complex Dependencies >> Dependencies >> Dependencies >> Dependencies  The problem of dependency management is neither new nor original, it exists in all development platforms, and .NET is no different.
A very big question:Where to store external DLL files in your Sitecore based solution?
The first thing came into the mind is Lib folder in the solution, create the Lib folder and put all the required DLLs into this folder and check-in the folder in the source control.
Keeping dependencies in the source control that’s a very popular solution, and for a reason. The benefits are obvious like:
No setup. You already have your source control in place (hm, I hope you do!). Add \bin directory, and yo…

Sitecore Habitat Project Installation Tips and Errors

Have you installed Sitecore habitat? Not yet, just try it, it will not take more than an hour.
If you are lucky it will go in the first shot, but in real life we see lots of issues come at the execution time or run time, so here is the complexity of the Sitecore habitat project with GULP, NPM, Nodejs, Unicorn, configurations, your company network security etc.. Etc..
You have to be very careful at the time of Sitecore habitat installation, below are some tips regarding the Sitecore habitat installation: Installed the right version of Sitecore and WFFM that support the Sitecore Habitat Project, for example, currently, Sitecore 8.2 update 1 is compatible with habitatChange the configuration properly as per your Sitecore instance name, directory and source code path in gulpfile.js, gulp-config.js, z.Habitat.DevSettings.config File.Provide the required permission to your Sitecore instance > website folderChose your project source code location at the time of node.js installation instead o…


A quick walk through of Sitecore helix on how to setup a Sitecore website based on Helix Architecture from scratch/blank solution
There is two solution to start with Helix: First to download the habitat demo site, cleanup and rename the project as per the requirement of the Project, and start working on the top up of the habitat.Second, create the solution from scratch means from blank solution.I always preferred the second approach, because we can have full control of the solution and no need to understand the existing site logic and complexity.
So with the consideration of approach 2, here we are going to setup the site from scratch using Helix principle.
Hope you already have gone through the Sitecore helix principles, habitat documents, and training.
There was a lot of confusion regarding the Helix and Habitat terms, is it architecture? Principle? , design? Sitecore accelerator, what exactly is it?? It was a big question mark in the Sitecore community when Sitecore introduced this in t…