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My #Sitecore #SUGCON 2017 - Amsterdam Experience

I got an opportunity to visit the Amsterdam city, one of the most beautiful place, especially for the nature lover like me, to attend the biggest Sitecore event #SUGCON 2017.
This event was an opportunity for me to meet all my virtual Sitecore Friends, colleagues, MVPs in Person.
#SUGCON started on 18th May 2017 at Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam, starting time was 12 PM for registration.
I took the metro from Amsterdam centraal to Metro station Overamstel to attend this event, if I am not wrong the metro train number was 53.

I arrived there at 11.30AM from the back gate of the center, on the way of main hall stage, where #SUGCON organizers were busy in the preparation of the event, and Guess to whom I met First person in the event ???
Yes Mr. Akshay SURA, the most active Sitecore Community member. J Then time came for #SUGCON Registration and we were all excited for the first session, the room was full and I attended the first session with UNA(we finally Meet)

Then Pieter Brinkmen st…