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Create Your Rest/Web API Architecture with ASP .Net Core 1.1 from Scratch

Today I came up with Web API solution with .Net Core 1.1 from scratch, in this Article/POC we will focus more on architectural pattern of the solution means how to organise your solution architecture of the Web API with different layer, I try to follow some of the key design principles/Architecture Pattern/technology as below
Separate of concernRepository patternDependency Injection Containers (IOC)N-Tier Project ArchitectureEntity Framework Core.Net Core Web API

Below is the high-level architecture and data flow diagram of Web API.

I am going to use Visual Studio 2017 RC and IDE, but you can also use Visual Studio 2015 as IDE. If you don’t have the template for ASP.NET Core, you need to install this template Let’s take an example of ABCSoftware Company which need to expose the API to provides the related software Product information like ProductName, Price, details etc.
I quickly created sample database and table using below script
createdatabase ABCSoftware use ABCSoftware