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Analyze your #Sitecore Media Library by MediaLibraryAnalyzer Module

Have you analyzed your Sitecore media library?
Not yet? This is the time to look your media library size, unused item etc.
Media library consumes more space in term of size and increase the volume of Items in sitecore tree, and over the period of time, it might have not used any more, thus we should clean up these Media library Items as these Items are not being used/referenced in any other content item in the Sitecore.
I got the same assignment, I had to clean up the media library in my project, so I analyzed the current media library folder and below is the summary:

I also wanted to capture the additional information when I ran the custom utility for Analysis my media library items,
Media Item IDMedia Item NameMedia Item pathTotal Media Library Item CountUnused Media Library CountUploaded DateSize of Individual Media Item
This information is really helping to my business user to analyzing the Media library data.
And also on the basis of this report, they can decide which Media item need to…