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Unlock #Sitecore items from all language versions through UnLockItemVersions Module

Are you working with multi-lingual solution? And having multiple language version for the Sitecore Item which you want to unlock, what is the solution? Yes, you have to go one by one in each language version and unlock specific item version. Why we can’t unlock all the language versions of the Item by One Click?
We are working with 17 languages and unlock the version one by one is not only time consuming but also the nauseating job for the admin user. Yes, I had the same requirement, to unlock the item with all language version by single click and also my client wanted to unlock all immediate child items as well in all language version.
So I provided the solution (UnLockItemVersions Module) with below functionality
User can unlock all the language version of Sitecore item by just one clickUser can unlock all the language versions of the Sitecore item with immediate child as well by just one click, this is very practical scenario, for example I need to unlock all the articles in all langu…