Unlock #Sitecore items from all language versions through UnLockItemVersions Module

Are you working with multi-lingual solution? And having multiple language version for the Sitecore Item which you want to unlock, what is the solution? Yes, you have to go one by one in each language version and unlock specific item version. Why we can’t unlock all the language versions of the Item by One Click?

We are working with 17 languages and unlock the version one by one is not only time consuming but also the nauseating job for the admin user.
Yes, I had the same requirement, to unlock the item with all language version by single click and also my client wanted to unlock all immediate child items as well in all language version.

So I provided the solution (UnLockItemVersions Module) with below functionality

  • User can unlock all the language version of Sitecore item by just one click
  • User can unlock all the language versions of the Sitecore item with immediate child as well by just one click, this is very practical scenario, for example I need to unlock all the articles in all language so, I can easily go to the article folder and click on All Version with Child option to unlock items.
  • Not only admin user can unlock the Item versions, any user who is been configured for this task can see this context menu option and use this feature, this is also the biggest challenge for sitecore content editors, As currently admin user can only unlock the other’s locked items.

Download the Module

How to Use this Module:
It’s very simple and straight forward, just install this module, it will add one DLL, path config file for custom command and one item in the context menu in the core database.

Just right click to the item which that you want to unlock with all version or All version with child option,

It will unlock from all the language version of the item.

Post installation

Once you installed this module you can see the new option in the context menu called Unlock Item with two sub items all version and All Version with Child:

Next step to provide the security rights of this feature for specific users, otherwise this option is visible for all users, so follow the below steps to provide the security rights:

  • Change the database from master to core
  • Go to security editor > Desktop > security tools > security editor
  • Go to unlock item option in the core database
  • /sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Context Menues/Default/Unlock Item
  • Assign the read/write permission to the appropriate users/roles

How to use this Module:

Also there is one solution available in PowerShell by Richard Seal.

However, this module is more focus to unlock the items with language version and immediate child items.

I hope this article will help you to unlock the Sitecore item with versions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me on Twitter @sitecore_ashish or on Slack).

Happy Sitecoring


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