Where is the Log File in #Sitecore 9?

Everywhere, there is only one sound Sitee…ccc..oorr..eee  Sitecore.. Sitecore .. and Sitecore 9 Only..

As we all are very excited to start playing with sitecore9, Installation was not easy.

This time no “Next-Next” “Wizard Approach” to install the sitecore 9, if you still haven’t installed the Sitecore 9 yet, then….  “Go and install Man.” 😊

Here are some useful links which can help you to install sitecore9

I also just start playing with Sitecore9 and the question raised when I encountered the error while I tried to play with new sitecore9 form as below:

The moment I got this error, suddenly I thought about our life saver file “Sitecore log file”  and browsed the root directory of my installation for looking the data folder where Sitecore log file lives…   

 But now in sitecore 9 there is no data, database and website folder, everything directly contains in the root folder of the instance, and data folder files has been merged into the app_data folder as below:

So now if you are looking in to Sitecore log file browse the below directory:

C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ InstanceName\App_Data\logs instead of data folder.

Happy Sitecoring9