Connect with #Sitecore community through various channels

Now, Sitecore community is growing drastically, and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful community, yes this is our #Sitecore community.

There are various way to join this community through different channels, blogs, slack, stack exchange, Local Sitecore user group, market place, Sitecore documentation etc.. etc..

Here I have consolidated the different Sitecore networks website’s list which can help you to explore various channels, getting information, Sitecore documentation, Sitecore Market Place modules, MVP details, Sitecore user group information etc.


Sitecore Community:
Get help from members of Sitecore community, including Sitecore employees, Certified Sitecore Developers, and MVPs.

Sitecore documentation:
Access official Sitecore documentation for Sitecore Experience Platform and other Sitecore products.

Sitecore Market Place:
Discover and contribute to Sitecore community-driven modules, You can find different sitecore modules, If you have some common solution, you can create as a module and submit here.

Sitecore Slack Community Chat
Join the Sitecore slack channel, where you can find the quick response from the Sitecore members including Sitecore employees, MVPs.

How to join the channel:

Thanks, Akshay, Mike Reynolds and Johann Baziret for this amazing initiative.

Sitecore Stack Exchange
Sitecore Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Sitecore users, aim to answering all the question regarding the Sitecore.

Thanks Mark Cassidy for such great initiative.

Sitecore User Group Site
Sitecore User Group Directory is dedicated to supporting the Sitecore communities wherever they exist across the globe.

Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON)
Best way to explore the different Sitecore world 😊 through this great Sitecore conference events which happens every year to discuss the latest Sitecore topics, we really making fun, learning, networking, discussing sitecore in this event.
Stay tune on

Sitecore Hackathon
Sitecore hackathon is a free online community driven event organized by Akshay Sura and supported by Sitecore.
You can participate in this event with team, find more details here:

Sitecore MVP Information
Find all the information related sitecore MVP, recommendation, nomination, list of existing sitecore MVP here

Sitecore Facebook Group:
Join the sitecore Facebook group, you can share the sitecore related blogs, Information, Event announcement etc.

Sitecore Support Help Desk:
Open a support ticket and get in touch with Sitecore Support representative. Available to Certified Sitecore Developers.

Sitecore User Voice:
Welcome to the Sitecore feedback and suggestions site! We love hearing from our customers. If you have suggestions for how we can improve any area of Sitecore, please share them with us here. While we can't respond to every suggestion, we are committed to reading every post.

Sitecore Habitat
Sitecore Habitat is a range of sites demonstrating the capabilities of the Sitecore, find the Sitecore habitat demo here:

Sitecore Profile
Find and create your profile here, here you can see all your contribution, certificate etc

I hope this strong #Sitecore networks will help you to explore the Sitecore community.


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