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Configure Sitecore 9.1 Content Tagging feature with Open Calais

What is Tagging?
Tagging refers to the metadata of the content which is assigned to a content by the content creator and the readers/users of the content to group the content in the same category.
Content tagging is the very significant feature introduced in the Sitecore 9.1 Release, I was eagerly waiting for the Sitecore 9.1 release, as I heard about this feature in the Sitecore Symposium 2018, Orlando.
Content tagging is the wider term to implement and to create the proper taxonomy of the content, we might need one full-fledged intelligent system, who can analyze the content and automatically tag the content, based on the relevancy of the content keywords.
I know, still in the 21st century, many people are doing this job manually, company’s hires dedicated content authors, who read the content manually line by line and based on the taxonomy bucket, they tag the content accordingly and it becomes worst when you are creating lots of articles/publication per day. Now, with the help of Sitec…

Track your Internal Search Keywords Using Sitecore Analytics

In the Digital ERA, everything is now measurable, Everybody wants to know their customer behavior on the website and keyword search is the most important element in this aspect to know what exactly customer is searching or looking on the website, through tracking these keywords information, marketers can further optimize the pages/visuals/lead/forms/Sitemap/personalization’s/ rules etc.  To provide better customer experience and get more conversions.

Again, “Internal Search” feature is the hidden gems feature in the Sitecore analytics, Must say Sitecore cares the current digital marketers and provides such a “must have” feature in the Sitecore analytics out of the box.
I didn’t know this feature, and wanted the track all the keyword search on my website, to check “what exactly people are searching on my website” But the question is how? How to track all the keyword of the website search that customers are searching? Do I need to store in the database? And do some basic reporting, or trac…

My Sitecore Symposium 2018 Take Away:

It’s been an amazing journey with Sitecore(almost 11 years) so far, and recently I got the opportunity to attend Sitecore Symposium this year In Orlando, FL, USA.
Some basic facts of this symposium:
Over 1,000 brands are at Symposium3,000 attendees from 53 countries5 breakout tracks with 100 sessionsPartner pavilion with 50 sponsors15,000 certified Sitecore developersSitecore delivers 200 million digital experiences per year

My Journey started from Dubai to Orlando, its 16 hours non-stop flight, Yes 16 Hours..  but everything is fair in Sitecore Love n WAR , so I don’t had any regret to flown that long..

The very first keynote started with customer experience –

“Mark CEO of Sitecore started with “How Experience is important in the Era of digital world, everbody expecting the experience not the just product” Experience is everywhere.. and that’s howSitecore can come into the picture and provide the real customer experience”
“Sitecore delivers 200 million digital experience in a year”

3 Main…

Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 4 - Optimize your Multi-Lingual Email with Sitecore EXM Preferred language Functionality

This series is divided into four parts:
Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 1 – How to Setup Sitecore 9 EXM in 5 Minutes Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 2 – Explore Sitecore 9 EXM Reporting Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 3 – Personalize Your Emails with Sitecore EXM Tokens Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 4 – Optimize your Multi-Lingual Email with Sitecore EXM Preferred language Functionality

Think about the international audience and their Native language:
Research proved that user spends more time on email communication and web content if its written in their native language and chances of conversion might be double for those native language speakers if you send the communication in their native language.
And 2x is a game changer figure for big email campaign, so planning of the multi-linguage campaign is very important if your audience is multi-national/lingual.
Step By Step – Plan your email campaign in multi-lingual with Sitecore EXM
Build your customer segment based on language preference, and tag every custome…