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40 Sitecore Abbreviations and Acronyms That Everyone Should Know

If you are working with sitecore technology with any role like developer, architect, marketer, CMS manager, Devops etc, then you must know some common Sitecore acronyms which are heavily used in day to day life conversation.
Sometime we heard “FXM” in the conversation, but we didn't know the meaning of the term and we are afraid to ask, which could through us out of the game of complete conversation.

And FXM is just one example, there are some other common Acronyms in sitecore which gets confusing even for the experienced Sitecore person  for example  FXM, EXM, Speak, xfile, SXA, JSS, SBOS, ML etc

So, I've  complied most common 40+ sitecore acronyms which we can study and build our vocabulary and can help us to navigate with more sitecore topics.  

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