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Useful Sitecore modules for your project

During the time of new development, we always focus on the new functionality of the website, Go-live date, content population, UAT, production.. etc etc..
But sometime we forget to consider some common non-functional requirement of the project which could be very painful during the maintainability phase of the project , for example – how to implement 301 redirection rules through Sitecore only? What happens if we have unused media items over the period of time – it could be in GBs? And many more.
If your site is content heavy and business is very dynamic to upload the heavy content in day to day operation, then we might come up with the below issues:
Too many media library items which is not in used, historical and unreferenced items  Too many version of the Sitecore content Items, which is not using and cause the performance issue.Stale ContentURL redirection – you must have some URL which needs to redirect to some new Sitecore pagesAnalysis the log, you must have some error logs on pro…