My Sitecore Symposium 2018 Take Away:

It’s been an amazing journey with Sitecore(almost 11 years) so far, and recently I got the opportunity to attend Sitecore Symposium this year In Orlando, FL, USA.

Some basic facts of this symposium:

  • Over 1,000 brands are at Symposium
  • 3,000 attendees from 53 countries
  • 5 breakout tracks with 100 sessions
  • Partner pavilion with 50 sponsors
  • 15,000 certified Sitecore developers
  • Sitecore delivers 200 million digital experiences per year


My Journey started from Dubai to Orlando, its 16 hours non-stop flight, Yes 16 Hours..  but everything is fair in Sitecore Love n WAR , so I don’t had any regret to flown that long..

The very first keynote started with customer experience –

“Mark CEO of Sitecore started with “How Experience is important in the Era of digital world, everbody expecting the experience not the just product” Experience is everywhere.. and that’s how  Sitecore can come into the picture and provide the real customer experience”

“Sitecore delivers 200 million digital experience in a year” 

3 Main  Pillar of New Sitecore Release – 9.1

Empower Developers through JSS


Sitecore and Salesforce:

Big Announcement = Sitecore+ StyleLabs

Daymond John – Keynote Speaker:

 360 – Degree of Content and Customer:

Sitecore Focus -  Next 12 Months

Thanks for Jake Johannsen for entertaining us all the time on the stage:


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