Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 3 - Personalize Your Emails with Sitecore EXM Tokens

This series is divided into four parts:

Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 1 – How to Setup Sitecore 9 EXM in 5 Minutes
Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 2 – Explore Sitecore 9 EXM Reporting
Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 3 – Personalize Your Emails with Sitecore EXM Tokens

Don’t want to send the same message to all the customer, and want to setup some basic personalized message for each customer, for example – if I am sending message to Jack, so automatically it should start with Hi/Dear Jack – this functionality called “Token” replacement.

Sitecore out of the box, supports the use of tokens in the emails which allow us to automatically pull in specific bits of user information for greater personalization – such as a user first name, last name, email etc.

The following tokens are by default available in EXM:

·        $email$
·        $fullname$
·        $firstname$
·        $lastname$
·        $name$
·        $phone$

We can easily replace the above tokens in the email, now I am using the same example and showing how quickly we can replace the token with first and last name.

If you haven’t read my first Blog of this series then, please go through this link and then continue:

I have created the new campaign called “First_Email_Token” using Simple HTML message as below:

As you see I inserted some basic token in the subject and body which will replace the first and last name of the recipient  data, below is the basic subject and body which I used in my previous email, so you see the comparison of both the email, the only difference is token instead of hardcoded “text” or “name”

Now, there is quick way to check your token replacement, you don’t have to send the actual/test email to check this functionality

Go to detail section and click on right most corner dropdown icon as below:

Then click on “Preview for recipient” option and select one of the contact which you want to preview the token data:

I selected the Sachin data and click on Ok button, and here is the result:

As we can see, the token has been replaced with the first name and last name of the contact which is “Sachin” and “Tendulkar” as the first and last name..

Now, your first level of testing has been done, you can processed with the review and delivery of the campaign and check the result in the actual email client, I am just sending this campaign and let’s see the result:

Open the email client inbox, here I am using the YOPmail email client, and below is the preview of the actual email experience which customer will get from “Token replacement” functionality..

Note: this blog is for basic understanding of default Sitecore Token, how it works? And with live practical example. If you want to learn more about the custom token, then please refer the Sitecore custom token blog as below:

Hope this Article will help You

Happy Sitecoring..


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