Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 4 - Optimize your Multi-Lingual Email with Sitecore EXM Preferred language Functionality

This series is divided into four parts:

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Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 2 – Explore Sitecore 9 EXM Reporting
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Think about the international audience and their Native language:

Research proved that user spends more time on email communication and web content if its written in their native language and chances of conversion might be double for those native language speakers if you send the communication in their native language.

And 2x is a game changer figure for big email campaign, so planning of the multi-linguage campaign is very important if your audience is multi-national/lingual.

Step By Step – Plan your email campaign in multi-lingual with Sitecore EXM

Build your customer segment based on language preference, and tag every customer with preferred language column and fill their native/preferred language.

I am going to create three below languages for my email campaign as below:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Spanish

I am assuming we have done this task offline and prepare the offline CSV file with below attributes of the email contacts:

  •        First name
  •        Last name
  •        Email address
  •        Preferred language

The file will look like this:

I created 12 contacts with different preferred language which are English, Arabic and Spanish, here in the file we need to upload the language code.

Create the Languages in the Sitecore:

Go to System > languages > create Arabic and Spanish language >

Once you done with the language, the next step is to map the preferred language field with the imported contacts.

But the question is how? As Sitecore provided the functionality of sending the email based on preferred language

How to set User preferred language for each recipient?

So, we already have the data ready the only thing is to map the data with existing facet of the contact.

When we upload the CSV file, Sitecore in background creates the contact for each recipient and by default map only three facets as below:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

Now, we have to map the fourth facet called prefrredlangauge/
So, follow the below steps to map the preferred language:

Go to the desktop:

Change the database from master to core

Navigate to > /sitecore/client/Applications/List Manager/Dialogs/ImportWizardDialog/PageSettings/TabControl Parameters/Map/ImportModel

Here is the list of all default item derived from /ImportModelField template
Duplicate any item and change the data as below:

Change the duplicate item(Personal – preferred language” fields value as below:

Now all done from mapping side, lets quickly create one email campaign with three language version and based on the individual preference of the email list, Sitecore will pick the correct language version and send the email accordingly

Creating Multi-Lingual campaign with EXM

Go to EXM > create the Regular email campaign >

Select > simple html message > First_Campaign_Multi_lingual

Go to receipts tab > click on dropdown  > Add list from File > select the CSV file which we created in this blog>

Upload the list >

Go to Map Tab>

Great, I can see the new mapping field called “Preferred Language” which we just configured in the above steps:

Select all the File field with Sitecore field as above image,

12 contact has been imported in the Sitecore from CSV file:

Quickly I created the sample English message as below:

Now time to create the Arabic and Spanish version of the email:

Change the language > Arabic from language selector >

Enter the Arabic message template, here I entered the sample arabic content the below:

Same like Arabic, I created the Spanish version of the email, by selecting Spanish language from the language selector as below:

Now we have created all three version of the email, time to send the email message with multi-language functionality

  • Go to delivery tab >
  • Select the Multi- language > select the checkbox > Use preferred language >
  • Important Note: make sure you select the English language from language selector at the time of clicking the send message button, otherwise the selected language email version will send for all the recipients regardless of preferred language. 
  • Click on send email option

Now check the email, I am checking three emails for English, Arabic and Spanish

As per my file record, below would be the preferred language data based on email:

Here is the result:

Jack Daniel – Arabic Speaker:

Sachin Tendulkar – English

Virat Kohli – Spanish:

Hope this Article will help You

Happy Sitecoring..


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