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Track your Internal Search Keywords Using Sitecore Analytics

In the Digital ERA, everything is now measurable, Everybody wants to know their customer behavior on the website and keyword search is the most important element in this aspect to know what exactly customer is searching or looking on the website, through tracking these keywords information, marketers can further optimize the pages/visuals/lead/forms/Sitemap/personalization’s/ rules etc.  To provide better customer experience and get more conversions.

Again, “Internal Search” feature is the hidden gems feature in the Sitecore analytics, Must say Sitecore cares the current digital marketers and provides such a “must have” feature in the Sitecore analytics out of the box.
I didn’t know this feature, and wanted the track all the keyword search on my website, to check “what exactly people are searching on my website” But the question is how? How to track all the keyword of the website search that customers are searching? Do I need to store in the database? And do some basic reporting, or trac…