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Third Time in a Row, Sitecore Technology MVP 2019

Wow, Exciting news, today 31st January 2019, yes, one of the best email I received today from Sitecore, “You have been awarded the Sitecore MVP 2019 title”
"Consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative"
― Oscar Wilde

Sitecore MVP Title, is not just an award, “it’s a recognition of your hard work” the efforts which you made towards your Sitecore community.   
Once Again, Thanks to all people who supported me in this journey, especially my wife and family who always supporting me towards my passion and work, especially on planned weakeneds :)
Congratulation to all my fellow 2019 Sitecore MVPs for their wonderful contribution , It’s a wonderful community cum family.
For more information about Sitecore MVP announcement
Check the full list of Sitecore MVP 2019 -

I am very Thankful for this recognition.
Thank you, Sitecore.

Sitecore 9 Analytics Dashboard/Reporting Database updating very Slow?

Your Sitecore Analytics Dashboard is not updating properly or updating very Slow?
Sitecore Analytics Dashboard is based on the Reporting database, all analytics data are coming from this database only, which means the data is not updating in the reporting database properly.
Are you facing the same problem, Processing server/Aggregation Agent issue, where data(interaction and Contacts) are properly storing in the collection database but not updating into the reporting database, or updating very slow?
If yes, then this blog might help you.
I also faced the same issue on my restricted scaled Sitecore 9 Production environment, with no internet connectivity.
In My scenario, I had the separate reporting and processing server, where data was connected from all the servers properly:
CD is connected to XconnectXconnect is storing the data in the collection database properlyProcessing server connected with reporting databaseCM server is reading the data from the Reporting Database.

Everything was fine…