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A step by step guide to setup JSS with Sitecore 9.1

Do you want to install Sitecore JavaScript Services 11.0.0 with Sitecore 9.1
Then this blog will explain how to setup JSS in SItecore 9.1, step by step:
Download and Install Node JS

First download node.js, based on your system specificationInstall node using website root folderInstall NPMOpen command promptGo to the website root folderRun the below commandnpm install -g @sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-cli

Install Sitecore JSS package:Go to Sitecore developer:

Install the package as normal sitecore package:
Login to your Sitecore instance, and open the Desktop. On the Sitecore menu (lower left), click Development Tools, then Installation Wizard.Install the JSS Server Components zip package using the Installation Wizard
All done!

Note: In Sitecore 9.1, you don’t have to add any configuration in web.config, all settings are already included in the package

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