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Sitecore Commerce Certification/Training Roadmap

Today I am going to share my Experience with Sitecore Experience Commerce Training and Certification
I have been working with Sitecore from last 10+ years starting with version 5.3, but never got the chance to work on Sitecore experience commerce, however, I have been working other E-Commerce systems - Hybris, U-commerce etc, but not with Sitecore XP, Recently we got some project of Sitecore Commerce , so I thought it’s a good chance to learn the Sitecore Commerce first so I would have a deep understanding of the product architecture design and core concepts, so I can assist the right approach and architecture to the development team.
So I started exploring the way to learn the Sitecore Commerce, in this ERA, you can find lots of materials online through youtube videos, blogs, online webinar etc, thanks to Sitecore Community who always contributes the problems, learnings, experience online where you can get the start reference and extend your learning.
Once, I went through the multiple o…