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Setup Sitecore Multi-Domain Solution on Azure WAF level

Are you planning to set up the multi-site solution in Sitecore, which needs to configure on Azure WAF level?
The Multi-site solution in Sitecore is a straight forward process and needs some entry in the web.config to resolve the multiple websites, for more information about Sitecore multi-site setup, you can follow this blog:
If you are not using AZURE WAF, then it's straight forward process, you need to add the multiple domain mapping on your Azure CD – App Services
Steps: Go to the App service – CDAdd the custom domain tab on the left sideAdd the custom domain mappingAdd the CNAME to the Azure CD URL

Once you did the above configuration, then we need to add the entry in the Sitecore config file with the site name, and then automatically the multi-site domain will be resolved.
But the real challenge comes, when we are configuring the WAF with Azure PaaS, because now all the re…